The Age of Google, Facebook, Games, Downloads, and Other Distractions

The Age of Google, Facebook, Games, Downloads, and Other Distractions

There is something deeply disturbing in an age that confuses the idea of ​​progress with frivolous distractions. We live in an era of Google , online games , Facebook, Instagram , smart phones , and countless distractions that prevent us from thinking about serious issues . In Notes from the Cafe , RF Georgy creates a character with a unique perspective of observation. Café Dweller dissects the digital age so as to reduce , and all of us in the process, brainless idiots .

Notes Notes coffee is an updated version of Dostoevsky Metro . Indeed, Georgy returns the underground man to pass judgment on the age of the information. In one of dozens of provocative phrases Café Dweller says , ” Information Paintings no picture , no song poem singing and writing. ” What Georgy suggests that information is destroyed rich language metaphor and personification . In other words, the language was stripped of his identity once proud and reduced to bits of data needed to accommodate the digital age .

In one of the most disturbing statements Café Dweller said, ” We have become an extension of the technology that we believe you noticed how people are unaware of the text world that you know that texting makes us lose wealth . ? . language , who the hell cares more about language? reduced to its language backbone composition , which is what the technology requires . you know what irony is , gentlemen? one could think of the explosion of information currently we would all intellectual giants . Alas , they are dumber than a chicken running around with its head cut off .

The bones are bits of data that we use to navigate our smartphones , laptops , Internet, and an infinite number of applications. If Dostoevsky said that two and two are not always four, then Georgy goes beyond saying that we are the zero in the denominator of a fraction , ” We are unhappy zero in the denominator of a fraction . indefinite Re, most unfortunate occurrence , I admit . well as zero may be perfectly rational and harmonious , but can also represent defined and meaningless. ” it could be concluded that this is a harsh judgment , but perhaps there is something real.

The digital age has given us the illusion of progress. We now believe that we are perfectly rational, ready and willing to support the top of the mountain beings progress. Georgy What reminds us that we are creatures inherently irrational . Georgy Cafe Press is a densely compact of an era devoid of intellectual reflection examination; an age that is too distracted to know the difference between analysis and reflection.

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